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Taking soil samples

Soil, Plant Tissue, & Grain Testing

Nationwide Soil Sampling and Agronomic Testing

Our Soil, Plant Tissue, and Grain Testing brings value to growers across the country, collecting data and offering insights that will improve your farming practices. By combining sampling and agronomic soil testing services, we can track the transition of nutrients from ground to grain.

Our comprehensive crop consulting service brings value to growers across the country. Through precision soil, plant tissue, and grain testing, our team collects data and offers insights that will measurably improve your farming practices. Armed with comprehensive crop data, we provide seed and fertilizer prescriptions tailored specifically to your field.

E4 soil and agronomy experts are the boots on the ground in your field—offering independent midwest soil sampling services with a national reach. E4 provides valuable data and farm intelligence for a range of crops across the U.S., working with growers from Idaho to North Carolina, in addition to our base in Iowa and Nebraska. Watch the video below to see our team in action, taking soil samples at a Colorado hemp farm.

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